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I never realized my full love for Mediterranean food, until I ate at this little gem, tucked away in the midst of T stops, the highway, and The Pine Street Inn locals. This neighborhood has some real flavor 🙂 I had the Chicken Kebab pita roll-up with cucumbers, tomatoes, pickles, hummus, tahini sauce and chicken (I opted for no tomatoes, I don’t care for them). They also grill it so the insides are warm, and the outside of the pita is slightly crispy. It is about as amazing as a pita roll-up can get, I’m imagining! I also got a piece of their sugar-less homemade honey baklava. OMG…best baklava I’ve ever had in my life, and I’ve had homemade baklava from my friends Greek parents before…” Click Here to Read the Full Review

– Erin H. of Jamaica Plain, MA

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